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We have the capability to complete a wide variety of stone maintenance services from residential entry floor polishing to large floor restoration in a commercial building.

  • Marble scratch and stain removal
  • Grout cleaning and repair
  • Cracked or broken marble repairs with color matching materials
  • Natural stone cleaning and sealing


We carefully evaluate the conditions of your stone. Unsightly, dull and worn surfaces are stripped to remove old sealers, cracked or broken tiles are repaired or replaced (if needed). The stone surfaces are honed to remove etching or scratches and polished to a desired finish without the use of waxes or topical sealers.


MB Marble offers custom preservation programs designed to cater to your individual stone care needs depending on wear, use, amount of traffic, weather exposure, etc.


Our marble experts will work with you to meticulously evaluate the conditions and needs of your stone surfaces to determine the type of maintenance and frequency necessary to keep your investment looking beautiful and protected year round.


When getting your floor refinished it is a good idea to have it treated with an impregnator or penetrating sealer. An impregnator is a chemical that penetrates the stone and helps to repel water, dye, dirt, and other substances from causing a stain. Since the impregnator penetrates the stone (rather than coating it like wax) it allows the stone to “breath”. Untreated stone can stain very easily. Treating these stains can be expensive and sometimes not even possible. To eliminate or reduce the possibility of staining it is essential that the stone be properly protected with a good quality impregnator or sealer.

To limit the possibility of staining, have your stone floors treated as well as cleaning up stains quickly. Impregnation should be reapplied every 1 to 2 years (depending on use) or after refinishing, whichever comes first. Impregnators do not offer 100% protection from staining. If enough of a substance is left long enough it will penetrate even if the stone has been treated. Particularly oil and solvent based substances. But generally most liquids will evaporate before they would penetrate a properly impregnated stone.